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New Collection! New Technique! ChocArt!

Coming Soon to This Website! Available to order now from the UK website

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New Design! Will O the Wisp  

Leading the World! And Now Available In The USA!!!

As the world's leading brand of silicon mat designs and edible lace icing, Crystal Candy is rejuvenating the market by offering fresh ideas, new designs and new product developments to consumers who are tired of the same old designs on offer from cheap UK, Italian and Chinese products. 

Our silicon mats are made from better quality, thicker and longer-lasting food-grade silicon than our Italian, Chinese and Uk competitors and all the designs are hand-made and unique. Take a look at the difference HERE!

Signature Blend Icing is the the very best 2D/3D product for creating edible lace effect strips to decorate cakes. It is highly concentrated: 100g of powder makes 700g of emulsion which in turn makes 30 - 35 strips of icing. And at a great price too!

paisley-teardrop-mat-web   paisley-teardrop-web
New Design! Paisley TearDrop  


edible-diamonds-for-decorative-finishes  diamond-lustre-collection--title-web crystal lace signature blend packaging picture-100g
100% Edible Isomalt Diamonds Unique Finish Lustre Dusts 2D/3D Signature Blend Icing


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New Design! Paradise  
 mystic-thistle-gold-mat-web2 mystic-thistle-gold-cake-web 
New Design! Mystic Thistle  


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